Carnivals of Space for the Holidays!

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Carnival of space 380 LOGOWe’ve just finished up a holiday weekend here in the States. Have you taken a vacation from space news, too? Well catch up with the Carnival of Space!

Week 380 is hosted by Stefan Lamoureux at Links Through Space. Read on for stories of:

  • a black hole neutrino factory,
  • the reasons behind the color of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, and
  • the next generation planet hunting telescope.

Week 381 is hosted at Photos for Space by Joe, with updates about:

  • crew swap on the International Space Station,
  • free space printables, and
  • an alignment of quasars.

Week 382 has just been posted by Pam Haffman and Everyday Spacer! Check out the holiday week stories of:

  • The “Year in Space” calendar,
  • a remastered view of Europa,
  • women in x-ray astronomy, and
  • hot super-Earths.

The Carnival of Space is a traveling list of the week’s best astronomy blog posts as submitted by bloggers from around the world. Find out more about the Carnival of Space at Universe Today.


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