Carnival of Space #374

Oct 6, 2014 | Carnival of Space

carnival-ryanWelcome to the Carnival of Space! This is your weekly tour of all the great space blogging from around the Universe. First off, it’s back! ‘Mystery Island’ in Titan sea makes unexpected reappearance with the Meridiani Journal. Elsewhere in the Solar System, see glorious global 3-D Mars from ISRO’s MOM and ESA’s Rosetta with Universe Today, who also bring us the case for a mission to the Martian moon Phobos. Urban Astronomer writes about two recent outreach experiences, speaking to very different audiences on very different topics. And if you’re not already excited about space, get excited with 17 amazing reasons for all the cool space projects and mission that lie ahead with BrownSpaceMan. Next we go to Next Big Future for brute force terraforming of Mars, Moons and thousands of moon and planet size asteroids that can be possible this century. Further out, we explore whether what we observe about the galaxy and universe still allows for the existence of low mass antimatter stars, because the vast distance and low level of dust would not destroy the antimatter stars over billions of years. Next, gamma ray bursters are a partial solution to the Fermi Paradox as they make the development of life and intelligent life difficult in many galaxies and 90% of the milky way galaxy. And finally from Next Big Future, there is progress towards better lasers and techniques for cooling antihydrogen which would allow for longer storage times beyond current 18 minute levels. Finally, you can leave home AND get your astronomy fix! Even on vacation, you can find Astronomy’s related items on many places. In a brief visit of Salzburg, Austria, Gadi Eidelheit searched for the sundials of the marvelous city at the Venus Transit. And what if you took a road trip on the Moon? Check out these sightseeing tips for a lunar vacation by Dr. Paul D. Spudis at Air and Space from the Smithsonian. Thanks for checking out this week’s post. Find out more about the Carnival of Space at Universe Today.



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