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We should have expected it, but you did it again. Your support overwhelmed us. Thank you for viewing, sharing, and donating during the 36-Hour Hangoutathon. We raised over $24,000 during the event to continue citizen science and education through CosmoQuest. YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you notes are being sent to all donors, and thank you gifts from our partners will also be on their way soon.

As of this writing... let's get to 100%!

As of this writing… let’s get to 100%!

But… we’re just getting started. This is a 36-DAY fundraiser, so you have until June 3rd to help us reach our goal! Do you know of a potential corporate donor who is interested in science education? Could you help us find a major donor? Can you share this project with all your family and friends? If you haven’t already, this is the time to do it!

The science needs your help to get done as well. The Mappers projects are rolling along and still need citizen scientists to mark surface features and measure craters. Moon, Vesta, and Mercury could use your sustained help AND an influx of new Mappers. Be sure to share with potential new citizen scientists that we already know their contributions make for good science!

CosmoQuester Guido Bibra has provided a fantastic resource for anyone who missed the Hangoutathon or who wants to revisit some of the fun we had last weekend. Check out his index with timestamped links to each segment. We also debuted some new content, in particular the Explore section of the website for educators or for anyone who wants to learn more about science. Plus, we have a new home for our science games, called Space Play, and we’ll be updating that with a new version of Cards Against Astronomy formatted by another lovely CosmoQuester, Nancy Graziano.

CosmoQuest happens as a community, and we thank you for your input and contributions. Let’s work together to make the next year just as amazing!

P.S. Don’t forget the check out the broader astronomy blogging community through the Carnival of Space! #351 is posted this week at Universe Today. 


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