Astrophotography, life in the cosmos, and more!

Feb 13, 2014 | Uncategorized

Ryan Gosling appreciates someone who knows about the Universe.

Ryan Gosling appreciates someone who knows about the Universe.

We still have spots in our three upcoming CosmoAcademy classes! Each class connects you with an expert to learn about a specialized topic, the kind you won’t hear about elsewhere. All classes listed below consist of four one-hour sessions; see each description for more.

  • Introduction to Astronomy Through Color Imaging
    Astronomy photographer Peter Dove will teach you the process of making beautiful astronomical images, and what those images tell us about cosmos. The class runs Tuesday, February 25 through Thursday, March 6. Here’s more information; to enroll, click here.
  • Astrobiology: Life in the Universe
    Nicole “The Noisy Astronomer” Gugliucchi will be your guide through the exciting world of astrobiology, the study of the possibilities for life elsewhere in the Universe. The course runs Monday, March 17 through Thursday, March 27. Find out more, or go ahead and sign up.
  • Gravity’s Lens
    CosmoAcademy director Matthew Francis will show you how a major prediction of Einstein’s theory of relativity — the bending of light by gravity — lets astronomers find some of the most distant galaxies in the Universe. The class meets Tuesday, April 8—Thursday, April 17. Want to hear more, or sign up?

As always, you can check the course listings page for upcoming and past classes.



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