Earth or Not Earth, Revisited

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About a month ago I asked you to identify a section of landscape and tell us if it was a place on Earth or elsewhere in the solar system. And you all got it right! Not only that, but the commentors even identified that some kind of flow was responsible, and it was indeed a picture of a volcano.

Let’s try it again, shall we? What do you think of the following picture… is it a place on Earth or Not Earth? And why? Let us know in the comments!

This activity is part of the TerraLuna unit comparing terrestrial and lunar geology and using the MoonMappers citizen science project. We’ve found this little activity is quite popular with teachers and helps people to identify features in common and different between the two bodies.

Do you have an image that would go well with this activity, one that you think would stump our readers? Send it along to us for the Earth or Not Earth series using this form. PLEASE only submit public domain images, creative commons work, or, if you are so inclined, your own work with permission to use it on our blog and in educational materials.

Get to it! I’ll supply the answer in the comments in a few days.


  1. Henryk Krawczyk

    This is the crater Tycho is on the moon. Ma about 82 km in diameter. The summit of the central peak is 2 km from the crater floor. The distance from the lower edge of the hopper about 4.7 km.Age 108 million years

    • Nicole Gugliucci

      You all are too good. Or that was an easily recognizable picture in this crowd 😉

  2. Remo

    Crisp black shadows is a dead giveaway.


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