Star-gaze with us in Indy!

Hey, everyone. It’s Nicole here, posting from my hotel at the American Astronomical Society’s 222nd meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tomorrow I’m presenting my poster (#120.1) on the “1.5 years of CosmoQuest” complete with site stats, users stats, and the preliminary results of the survey that you are all taking. (And I thank you graciously for continuing to answer it! I look forward to analyzing the full results.)

I won’t be doing an official CosmoQuest MeetUp when I’m here, although if some locals have a restaurant or other local attraction where I REALLY have to go, I’d be happy to meet up as my schedule allows. However, the AAS is doing it’s first ever Star Party at 9pm on Monday night just outside the Indianapolis Convention Center, and that’s open to the public. Since this¬†conference¬†was within driving distance of home, I brought my little ETX90 to add to the bunch. Rick Feinberg (also a recent guest of Learning Space) has more in a recent AAS blog post. So please do come say hello and try not to laugh at my poor optical telescopes skills.

I will be tweeting with the official conference hashtag #aas222 and hopefully gathering som cool science results to blog about in the coming week. And of course, if you are here at the meeting, say hello! I’ve already seen a few old friends, made some new ones, met Twitter peeps in real life, and found another George Hrab fan. Not bad for the first night before the conference actually gets underway. Wheee!

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Nicole Gugliucci is a Ph.D astronomer and works with the fabulous project known as CosmoQuest.

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