Please GiveCosmoQuest is sustained through a patchwork of funds, ranging from government grants, to NASA mission support, to private gifts from individuals like you. In the current funding climate, it is this latter form of funding  – your personal donations – that mean the most to us. Every little bit helps. Would you please consider giving?

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The Build Team for CosmoQuest primarily work at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. This team of programers, educators, and astronomers create all the citizen science and formal education programs you see. When you donate to CosmoQuest through SIUE, you are employing a team that enables science.

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CosmoQuest-Logo-1The CQ-BAUT Forum is the largest (and we think the oldest) astronomy forum on the internet. Maintaining this living archive of millions of posts puts a fairly substantial load on our servers and requires us to run an XL server on Amazon Web Services. Thanks to a truly awesome and amazing anonymous donor, we have a reserved instance through 15 September 2016 and this greatly lowers our costs.

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While having a reserved instance is awesome, we still have per hour costs. In this case, we’re paying $0.092 per hour for our forum server for all 8,765.81 hours in a year (or $67 a month). We also have database (RDS) and image storage (S3) related costs. All told, the forums costs about $100/month (thanks to the awesome aforementioned donor who pre-paid our reserved instance). There is also Cory and Pamela (but mostly Cory) to think about. They maintain the software and the design of the forums, and they like to eat (especially Chinese food). There is also Nicole (who also likes Chinese), who pops in almost everyday to check up on this site, and act as a liaison between all the different programs at CosmoQuest and all the different conversations on the CQ-BAUT Forums. When you donate to CosmoQuest at SIUE, you are helping to make sure all the servers and humans are maintained.

CosmoQuest is a partnership of numerous institutions around the globe and
is produced at the STEM Center at SIUE.
To find out how your organization can get involved, email getinvolved (at) cosmoquest org.