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Two new research papers examine how the Milky Way galaxy was formed and how it evolved. Plus, we take a look at stories on the prospects for life elsewhere in the cosmos and on fast radio bursts and supernovae. Finally, just what was the zero-gravity indicator aboard the Crew-1 Dragon?

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Family Tree of the Milky Way Deciphered

Potential Plumes on Europa Could Come from Water in the Crust

Orbits of Ancient Stars Prompt Rethink on Milky Way Evolution

New Interdisciplinary Consortium for Astrobiology Research

Cosmic Flashes Come in All Different Sizes

Building blocks of life can form long before stars

Tree rings may hold clues to earthly impacts of distant supernovas

NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 Astronauts Arrive at Space Station


Written by Pamela Gay and Beth Johnson
Hosted by Pamela Gay and Beth Johnson
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