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By Larry Sessions on July 10, 2009 in

Date: July 10, 2009 Title: How Amazingingly Unlikely is Your Birth Podcaster: Larry Sessions Links: North American Skies, NASkies on Twitter . Description: Eric Idle’s wonderful “Galaxy Song” is an exuberant, if a bit dated, introduction to various aspects of astronomy filled with facts about the Universe. Idle concludes with a reference about how “amazingly […]

By Carolina Ödman on July 3, 2009 in

Date: July 3, 2009 Title: Universe Awareness: Children’s Voices Podcaster: Carolina Ödman Organization: Universe Awareness (UNAWE) Description: Universe Awareness (UNAWE) is the only IYA2009 cornerstone project specifically for children. UNAWE started in 2005 and has now active groups in nearly 30 countries. The programme will continue beyond 2009. If you are interested in joining […]

By The Ordinary Guy on May 24, 2009 in

Date: May 24, 2009 Title: We’re expanding – and accelerating! Podcaster: Brains Matter Organization: Brains Matter Description: There have been multiple theories of the ongoing evolution of the universe. Solid state, the big crunch – but hardly anyone expected the universe to not only expand, but to accelerate in it’s expansion. The Ordinary Guy […]