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By Mario Damasso on September 6, 2009 in

Date: September 6, 2009 Title: Eyes Above: The Emotions of a Scientific Discovery Podcaster: Mario Damasso Organization: Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley (OAVdA) Description: We are a group of astronomers working together, searching the sky above our observatory for new worlds, small solar system bodies, and super-massive black holes in […]

By Christopher Crockett on July 5, 2009 in

Date: July 5, 2009 Title: Looking Towards the Center of the Galaxy Podcaster: Christopher Crockett Organization: Lowell Observatory Description: If you go outside tonight or tomorrow night and locate the Moon, you will be looking toward a rather remarkable patch of the sky. You will be looking towards the center of our galaxy! On […]