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By Tavi Greiner and Rob Keown on July 31, 2009 in

Date: July 31, 2009 Title: Now Tweet This: Reaching Beyond Mainstream Media Podcaster: Rob Keown and Tavi Greiner Link: A Sky Full of Stars – Description: With the ever-increasing neglect of Astronomy and Space Science in mainstream media reporting, enthusiasts and professionals alike are finding ways to share the night sky and all its […]

By The 365 DoA Team on December 10, 2008 in

There are two ways to support The 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast on Facebook. You can become a fan of the “product” and/or you can become a reader of the “blog“. The latter is really much more useful, so if you are on Facebook, come join us.

Also, just a small update — the audio is starting to flow in. If your podcast is in January please make sure you leave enough time to get us your audio 30 prior to your air date. At the very least, let us know if it will be late.