Premiere: Cosmic Castaways

Come experience the story of stars that are lost in the voids between galaxies! Get your tickets now! Join us October 4, 2012 Youngstown State University Reception 7:00pm Archives in Maag Library, 5th floor Movie Premiere 8:30pm Ward Beecher Planetarium advance reservations required, price $75 reserve your place at This new planetarium show will […]

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Demoing the Show!

For those of you attending the IPS next week, we wanted to give a heads up on a pair of short trailers that will debut at the meeting.┬áBoth programs are funded through research grants from the National Science Foundation, and will be made available for FREE for use in other planetaria for any non-profit, educational […]

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merging galaxies

Coming Attractions: Cosmic Castaways

When you look into the sky, the background not-quite-blackness is filled with the diffuse light light of stars lost in the space between galaxies. These are the cosmic castaways, and we’re in the process of producing a planetarium show to tell their story. When galaxies pass in the night they gravitationally twist and turn one […]

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