Cosmic Castaways Show

Most stars lie within the crowded boundaries of galaxies, travelling with their brothers and sisters in a vast galactic family. But some find themselves on their own, deep within voids between the galaxies. These are the cosmic castaways, and this is their story.

Below is the YouTube link to the flatscreen version of Cosmic Castaways.  The fulldome version is slightly different, in order to take advantage of the larger real estate of a planetarium dome.


Rendered video in square resolutions, suitable for smaller domes and portable planetariums:


Rendered video in warped media format, suitable for spherical mirror projection system. Courtesy of Jim Havens from the Havens Foundation, Inc.


Below are all the files you may need to produce Cosmic Castaways for your own planetarium.  Complete dome masters for 1920×1080 (Warped Media) or 1024×1024/2048×2048 are available upon request.

New!  Lesson plans appropriate for high school and Astro 101 students are available in the Educator’s Zone.

We were on Cosmoquest’s HangoutAThon talking about Cosmic Castaways on June 15, 2013.