Live Video Programs



Astronomy Cast

– most Fridays at 3:00 pm EDT/ 12:00 pm PDT/ 19:00 UTC (with occasional shows on other dates/times due to travel of hosts), live on our Astronomy Cast YouTube channel.



 Weekly Space Hangout

– Every Wednesday at 8:00 pm EDT/ 5:00 pm PDT/ Midnight UTC, live on Weekly Space Hangout YouTube Channel.





Learning Space

– Currently on hiatus, but find our catalog of episodes over at Learning Space YouTube channel.


The Weekly Space Hangout Crew

wshcrew-logoWant to join in the fun and help us communicate science, or just have a say in what we discuss and who we interview? Join the Weekly Space Hangout Crew, a group of dedicated viewers who started as a social community for the Weekly Space Hangout, and who have grown into a wonderful support network for all of the shows here at CosmoQuest and our close collaborator Universe Today. The WSH Crew act as “Executive Producers,” supporting and promoting our shows, recruiting and scheduling guests, and having discussions about related topics. They also have schedules and links to other space and science events online, as well as a directory of related websites. Visit the WSH Crew Community Portal here to learn and join – we couldn’t do all of this without them!