S2 Ep5: Spooky Season Space Images

by | October 25, 2023, 8:00 AM | Podcast

From October 25, 2023: Around our parent collaboration, CosmoQuest, Halloween is, hands-down, the most beloved season of the year. Costumes are worn. Yards are decorated. We are here for all the strangers that knock on our door – the weirdos, the witches, and the oh-so-many werewolves – and there will be as much candy as we can afford given out. We know we are not the only ones. With about a week to go, we know that any day now, NASA, ESA, ESO, and others will begin releasing their spooky season images. There will be nebulae cropped with the contrast adjusted just so to reveal witches’ hats, and others rotated to reveal ghosts and maybe – I can hope – a goblin or two.