S1 Ep18: Once and Future Life on Venus, Earth, and Mars

by | June 24, 2023, 11:24 PM | Podcast

Each week, when we set off to do this show, we start with one core idea: We want to tell you what is new in space and astronomy… and remember Earth is a planet too. When we select stories, we try to find the ones we’re excited to talk about over coffee, or the ones we know we will be sharing randomly with strangers who make the mistake of asking, “What do astronomers do?” We are here, week after week, to inflict space on others, and I hope that when we do you will return the favor and inflict this show on others. Before I get busy talking about alien planets, the search for fossil life, and the life and death of our universe’s first stars, I want to remind you that we have a podcast. On your next road trip, fill the boring scenery with descriptions of the universe beyond our skies, and help us in our goal of leaving no mind un-scienced. Together, we can make this a summer of astronomy podcast listening.