• Image Detective Lesson Plan — Taking an astronaut’s view of the Earth

    We need you! Get in on the Beta Test level! The Image Detective Lesson Plan is a series of activities that asks students to take an astronaut’s view of the Earth and highlights how we use images from space to determine changes on Earth. Students first learn about the differences between observation and inferences, and […]

  • TerraLuna

    TerraLuna is a 15-day unit of inquiry-based lessons that lets your students explore the surface features of the Moon and the Earth, investigating how these two worlds formed and continue to evolve. Features MoonMappers, and real lunar exploration. ages 11+

  • InVESTAgate

    Explore asteroids, comets, meteoroids and other small bodies in the Solar System with InVESTAgate. Get hands-on with meteorite impacts, mining asteroids, and more! This unit features the citizen science project Asteroid Mappers: Vesta Edition. ages 11+