EarthMatch card game

Card Game Instructions


    • 40 Cards

Helpful to have:

    • Pen, paper (for notes)
      six sided die (for a variation on the game, roll the dice and turn over the number of cards that the dice says, rather than just two cards)


    Match each card to the card taken from the same location, but from a different time or viewpoint.

    Set – up:
    Select the card set you would like to play, either “Wonders” “Before and After” or “Rivers.”(We suggest starting with “Wonders”. After playing a few times, you can do all the sets for a more challenging variation.)
    Shuffle the cards and lay them face down on a flat surface. (See picture of card layout.)
    If playing in cooperative mode, laying cards face up is okay.

    Card Game Layout

    Game Play:
    Players take turns flipping two cards over at a time. All players can look at the cards. The player or team decides if the cards are a match or not, with supporting reasons.
    If the match is agreed upon, the player collects those cards. If there is no match, the cards are turned face down again. It then becomes the next player’s turn.
    [The matches will be from the same areas, but will either be pictures taken from Earth and Space (“Wonders”; “Rivers”) or different times (“Before and After”).]

    The game ends when all the matches have been made. In competitive mode, the player with the most matches wins. Alternatively, you can play in cooperative mode, with everyone discussing why the two cards make a match.

    Analyzing the information viewed on the matching cards is key. Here are some questions you can think about:

      • What do you think this is? What do you see? What can you notice?


      • What does the ground look like?


      • Do you see desert, forests, ocean?


      • Untouched nature or human made areas?


      • Is this image from earth or space? How can you tell?


      • Is it nighttime or daytime?