Classroom Resource Materials

  • Cratered Worlds

    How have asteroids and comets led to the Moon and other rocky inner planets looking so different than the Earth? How do we know about these differences and what do they tell us? The Cratered World lesson takes students on a journey through the solar system, with a specific focus on craters and what we can […]

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Poster

    A simple poster to be used in teaching the electromagnetic spectrum. Highlights include: multi-wavelength images of Andromeda (M31), the solar spectrum, and a zoom-in on the visible spectrum that includes key spectral lines used in stellar classifications.

  • What is Citizen Science – a reading intensive lesson

    What does it mean when you put these two words together: ‘citizen’ and ‘scientist’? What does the term ‘citizen science’ mean? Take your students on a reading journey through the history of citizen science and explore how everyday people make great discoveries. Learn about the earliest citizen scientists- who they were, what they did, find […]