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Get Citizen Science into your classroom with CosmoQuest. These materials are designed for the inquiry-based classroom. Learn by exploring, questioning, and doing. Our materials are designed for students roughly ages 12 to 18 (US grades 6 to 12).

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  • Have Your Pi and NGSS, Too!

    Have Your Pi and NGSS, Too!

    Care for a slice of pie? How about FOUR slices of pi from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)? And a dollop of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) on top? Certainly! In honor of pi and Pi Day (March 14) and even Rounded Pi Day (March 14, 2016… 3.1416… get it?), JPL serves up its third round […]
  • Learning Space 107: Science Fair – It’s Not Just Volcanoes Anymore!

    Learning Space 107: Science Fair – It’s Not Just Volcanoes Anymore!

    In this episode of Learning Space, Georgia and Pamela welcome Larry Lebofsky from the Planetary Science Institute to talk about his work to help teachers get their kids doing better projects and how he uses Science Fair to try and grow a love of science. Show Notes Intel International Science & Engineering Fair Intel project […]