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CosmoAcademy for Subject Matter Experts

Along with its offerings for learners interested in astronomy, CosmoAcademy also offers a range of programs for “Subject Matter Experts” – Scientists, Engineers, Technologists, and Mathematicians – who are interested in broadening the impact of their research, and increasing their education, outreach, and communication skill sets.

Programs are offered at three levels, with an introductory “Broadening the Impacts of your Research” online or in person workshop at the ‘100’ level, general interest programs in science education, outreach, and communications at the ‘200’ level, and more in-depth topics at the ‘300’ level. Programs are typically four 90 minute sessions longs, with more extensive activities between sessions at the 300 level. All of the programs are designed to be highly interactive and to give participants time and support in planning and implementation of the topics covered in your individual context. The programs are all capped at 15-20 participants to allow for genuine interaction and collaboration amongst participants and facilitators.

CosmoAcademy Programs for SMEs

Our slate of offerings that we intend to provide over the course of 1-2years are listed below. This list is subject to change based on the interests of the SME communities with which we work – so please let us know if there is something that you would like to see that we are not yet planning to offer.

SME101                  Broadening the Impacts of your Research (Online or face-to-face at conferences)

SME210                  Working with the Press
SME220                  Communicating Science in Informal Settings
SME230                  Social Media for Science Communications
SME240                  Creating effective online Webinars & Classes
SME250                  Communicating with Kids and Classrooms
SME260                  Using Data Exploration for Learning
SME270                  Mentoring
SME280                  Managing teams effectively

SME301                  Evaluating Educational Outcomes
SME302                  Discourse in Science Learning
SME341                  Active Learning Online

Certificate Programs for SMEs

You can also receive CosmoAcademy Certificates for your participation in these programs to allow you to properly document your professional development with us if that is a component that is valuable to you. We currently offer three certificate levels:

CosmoAcademy SME Foundations Certificate Complete SME101 (online or in person); Complete SME240. [This certificate is a pre-requisite to becoming a new CosmoAcademy Instructor].

CosmoAcademy SME Educator Certificate Complete SME101 (online or in person); Complete 4 programs at the SME200 level.

CosmoAcademy SME Advanced Educator Certificate Complete the SME Educator Certificate; Complete 2 programs at the SME300 level.