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In this plot we see the transition diameter of four worlds plotted against the gravity at the surface of each of those worlds (The Moon, Mercury, Earth, and Mars.).  (From LPI/USRA, at https://www.lpi.usra.edu/exploration/education/hsResearch/crateringLab/lab/part1/background/,  They site -  Credit: Illustration from an educational poster, Geological Effects of Impact Cratering, David A. Kring, NASA Univ. of Arizona Space Imagery Center, 2006.)

CQ Science – Post 6: Simple to Complex

In previous posts we’ve discussed how the very smallest craters have “simple” shapes, and that the somewhat larger craters have “complex” shapes. You may have been wondering why that is, and what we mean by “larger” anyway? How large is large? Well, that turns out to be dependent on the planet where the crater is […]

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