Around the internets

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Astronomy is an active field, with new things arising every day, and new ways to get involved and learn and do constantly becoming available. We’re going to do what we can to keep you up-to-date and post weekly updates on what is going on around the internets, and where you can get involved. You can […]

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Why Does It Look Like That? Illumination & Optical Illusions

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Figuring out what is popping up at you and what is popping down and away from you in an image can be very difficult. Our brain just doesn’t have enough information to do this right a lot of the time. So, it guesses. And it uses shadows to help make those guesses. But sometimes, it […]

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Landing At Apollo 15 - Full, Just Lander

Perspective on the Apollo 15 Landing Site

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One of the regions we’re looking at with Moon Mappers is the Apollo 15 landing site area. It’s a neat place and we can study a lot of things there. Due to a quirk of optics and angles, you can even imagine you’re flying towards it. When the Narrow Angle Camera (NAC) peers down from […]

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Annotated Apollo 15 Landing Site

Images You’re Looking at Now!

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You have 10 minutes where you’re not doing anything else, you boot up your computer, open the internet browser, and of course your first place to go is CosmoQuest’s Moon Mappers. You start to identify craters and in all your markings, you start to wonder, where am I? What am I looking at? Where on […]

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Introduction to the Man vs Machine Task

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One of the main tasks we ask you to do in the CosmoQuest’s Moon Mappers is the “Man vs Machine” activities. The basic interface is the same as for crater identification, and the only difference is that we give you an image that has already been annotated with craters that were found by a computer […]

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