33% Full Waxing Moon

“Evolution of the Moon” Movie – The Good and the Slightly Inaccurate

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The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, from which the data for MoonMappers comes, celebrated 1000 days in orbit on March 19th. NASA has released a ~3-minute “Evolution of the Moon” video that I think is pretty neat and shows how much it’s been influenced by cratering: Watch me! The movie is awesome and gives a good overview […]

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Canada - France - Hawaii Telescope (adapted from photo by nsjmetzger on Flickr)

The Images are Searched! Long Search the Images!

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As many of you noticed, the Ice Investigators project ran out of images over the weekend (WooHoo!) and it now has images again (WooHoo, again!). When Ice Investigators was launched it contained data from Marc Buie that was taken with the Subaru telescope in Hawaii last summer. This initial set of 13,626 images was shown […]

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[Teaching to] The Standards… And Beyond!

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If school weren’t already out for the summer (at least it is here in Edwardsville, IL), I bet there would be more than a few teachers thinking hard about plans to incorporate the upcoming Transit of Venus event into their classrooms. Now, of course, public outreach is always in season—no need to have the school […]

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Hitting the End of Ice Images (set 1 of many)

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Last night community member RafaelG became the first person to have no more possible images to view in the Ice Investigators project. This is a truly awesome thing. And today, many more of you followed in his footsteps! We hadn’t anticipated this would happen as quickly as it did, and as a result, several of […]

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We're your Venus Transit Authority

The Venus Transit is Coming!

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This post is a work in progress. Expect updates and expansions up until the event starts!   What’s this? If you haven’t already heard, the planet Venus is going to pass in front of the Sun from Earth’s point of view on June 5th and 6th. This is the last time you will be able to see […]

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