Two Astronomy Events Online… Tonight!

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We have a double-header of science goodness coming up to perk up your Wednesday slump.   First, Emily Lakdawalla of the Planetary Society will be hosting the Weekly Science Hour at 4 PDT/7 EDT (23 UT). She’s chatting with┬áRavi Prakash about Curiosity, specifically the Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL to the acronym-happy NASA folks). With […]

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"Moonbase Alpha" (CC) Shaun Williams

Weekly Science Hour with Andrew Chaikin

By on June 13, 2012 in

This week’s Weekly Science Hour features a discussion with Space Historian Andrew Chaikin. During this one hour live event, host Pamela L. Gay will talk to Andrew about how people have dreamed about future space exploration and how these dreams are changing. Tune in at Wednesday June 13 at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern on […]

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33% Full Waxing Moon

How Moon Mappers is Different from Moon Zoo

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Here at CosmoQuest, we sometimes get asked about the difference between our “MoonMappers” project and a seemingly similar one, “Moon Zoo,” that’s run by the Zooniverse / Citizen Science Alliance. They are separate projects with different science teams and goals, and in this post I’m going to explain a few of the differences. First, yes, […]

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Here… Have a Moment of Science

By on June 12, 2012 in

Did you ever have a particular moment in your life where you were awed by science? Maybe it was in your childhood, the first time you experienced an interesting astronomical view. Or a science fair project that was particularly insightful? A moment of realization while taking a nature walk? Yesterday, the Bad Astronomer shared his […]

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33% Full Waxing Moon

“Evolution of the Moon” Movie – The Good and the Slightly Inaccurate

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The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, from which the data for MoonMappers comes, celebrated 1000 days in orbit on March 19th. NASA has released a ~3-minute “Evolution of the Moon” video that I think is pretty neat and shows how much it’s been influenced by cratering: Watch me! The movie is awesome and gives a good overview […]

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