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One of the main tasks we ask you to do in the CosmoQuest’s Moon Mappers is the “Man vs Machine” activities. The basic interface is the same as for crater identification, and the only difference is that we give you an image that has already been annotated with craters that were found by a computer […]

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Welcome again to CosmoQuest’s Moon Mappers project. You may be wondering what you’re doing here – what we’re trying to figure out with this work. Hopefully this post will answer some of your basic questions. In Moon Mappers, you’re presented with a simple interface that asks you for its main task to identify craters. If […]

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A lot goes into making a picture. Unlike with many consumer cameras today, we can’t just snap a photo and post it online for you to analyze. There are many, many steps and calibrations that go into every single image before we chop it up to serve to you for the different Moon Mappers projects.

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Welcome to the Moon Mappers project of CosmoQuest! We’re glad to have you here to check out what we’re doing and help gather data for some cool science projects.

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To have a true community, two-way (and sometimes twenty-way!) conversation is required. The same is also true of scientific collaboration. Throughout history, major breakthroughs have pivoted on the right people meeting, talking, and combining great ideas. Your next conversation could lead to CosmoQuest’s next big idea. Click over and talk about the science you’re doing, […]