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Hello, Universe! And hello, fine people of CosmoQuest. My name is Nicole and I am the newest member of the CosmoQuest team. You may also know me as NoisyAstronomer and may have even been following along with my dissertation writing saga/complaints over the last few months on Twitter or Google+. (If you did and you […]

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The dictionary defines “vision” as 1) being able to see; 2) a mental image of what the future could be like; and 3) an experience of seeing something in a dream.   I think the education team ran through all three of these as we wrote our education vision for CosmoQuest.   It took us […]

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Some companies don’t just make good products, they also give back to the community. Southern Stars, the company behind Sky Safari planetarium software and the Sky Wire telescope controller for iPhones is one of those companies. During the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, they donated a portion of every Sky Safari sale to IYA2009. In […]

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This is Global Astronomy Month (GAM)! Here at CosmoQuest, we are partnering with the wonderful folks over at Astronomers Without Borders to define ways to challenge you to get involved. Right now, a lot of us might be teased as Moon Mapping Lunatics, and in coming up with a way to engage in you and everyone […]

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Astronomers are a determined bunch—especially the amateurs. In pursuit of dark, starry skies–and possibly the best view ever of the Whirlpool Galaxy–they drive for miles to escape city lights. They endure cold, hunger, and the occasional wild animal as they try to bag another deep sky object. Fervently hoping and praying that the clouds or […]