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Last night community member RafaelG became the first person to have no more possible images to view in the Ice Investigators project. This is a truly awesome thing. And today, many more of you followed in his footsteps! We hadn’t anticipated this would happen as quickly as it did, and as a result, several of […]

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This post is a work in progress. Expect updates and expansions up until the event starts!   What’s this? If you haven’t already heard, the planet Venus is going to pass in front of the Sun from Earth’s point of view on June 5th and 6th. This is the last time you will be able to see […]

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Am I not so lucky that Joe has already posted an introduction to the fabulous universe of CosmoQuest Hangouts? Join us live on Google+ this evening (4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern) for a roundtable chat with several members of Dark Skies, Bright Kids, an outreach program to schools in central Virginia. This episode will feature Rachael Beaton, […]

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Leverage astronomy knowledge and understanding into your world with CosmoQuest’s Google+ Hangouts On Air. An instructor of mine once used a pair of hula hoops to demonstrate Venn diagrams. “Where the two hula hoops overlap” she said, “is where we build understanding.” The Education Team here at Cosmoquest is on a mission to overlap their vast-and-expanding-understanding-of-astronomy hula […]

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A new project is gearing up to strip off it’s beta lable: Ice Investigators. This new project allows you to work with New Horizon’s scientists to look for ice in the outer solar system. In 1962 mankind left Earth’s orbit and began a 50 year exploration of our solar system. From Mercury to Mars, from […]