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Dr. Pamela Gay of CosmoQuest and ASP, with Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel watching the Great American Eclipse on Aug 21, 2017. Credit: Carolyn Raskauskas of The Weather Channel.

The Great American Eclipse – Coverage from The Weather Channel with Pamela!

The Great American Eclipse was a wonderful event – and in case you didn’t get to experience totality from where you were, we have you covered. Our own Dr. Pamela L. Gay from CosmoQuest and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific was on location in Carbondale, IL, the site of longest totality, all day with […]

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It’s coming: The Solar Eclipse

The Great North American Eclipse is coming to darken your world. (At least if your world will have you in North America on August 21). CosmoQuest was designed by a team of people who get rained on a lot, so all our science efforts rely on an internet archives instead of on new observations. This […]

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Three images of asteroid 2016 XA2. We track on the moving asteroid so the star images are elongated. With three separate exposures we can see the motion of the asteroid relative to the “fixed” stars. Credit: Dave Bell and Larry Lebofsky.

Citizen Science from Two Miles Up

What is citizen science? The CosmoQuest website has this definition: “Put simply, citizen science is any science done by everyday people that has the potential to lead to new understanding of the universe we share. This can vary from people studying Earth’s climate change by recording when the first flowers bloom, to studying weather on […]

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