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By AstroStu on June 26, 2012 in

We are having a broad, open request right now for people, new and established, to come visit the MoonMappers section of our site and help us to find craters. Why? We’re gearing up to present at the NASA Lunar Science Forums conference to be held at NASA Ames research center in California. The conference starts […]

By AstroStu on June 13, 2012 in

Here at CosmoQuest, we sometimes get asked about the difference between our “MoonMappers” project and a seemingly similar one, “Moon Zoo,” that’s run by the Zooniverse / Citizen Science Alliance. They are separate projects with different science teams and goals, and in this post I’m going to explain a few of the differences. First, yes, […]

By AstroStu on June 11, 2012 in

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, from which the data for MoonMappers comes, celebrated 1000 days in orbit on March 19th. NASA has released a ~3-minute “Evolution of the Moon” video that I think is pretty neat and shows how much it’s been influenced by cratering: Watch me! The movie is awesome and gives a good overview […]

By AstroStu on April 11, 2012 in

On Monday, I posted about the new Apollo 12 and 14 images that will be going up shortly on the MoonMappers site. In the post, I talked a bit about image resolution, and how in August of last year, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter craft dipped down to a 25-km-high orbit and photographed the Apollo sites […]

By AstroStu on April 9, 2012 in

We’re working on more publicity and planning on more traffic in the next month or so for Moon Mappers, and that means we may not have enough images in the queue. So, I’ve been going through after talking with the other science co-lead and downloading and processing new images to have you look at. First […]