Explore Galaxies with a New Online Class

After the success of our first online class, “CQX001: Solar System Science,” we’re running a second class to expand your mind and your frame of reference. CQX003 will be called “Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters” and will be taught by Ray Sanders of “Dear Astronomer.”

Active galaxy Centaurus A (ESO/NASA)

Planets are cool and all, but I’m an extragalactic girl at heart. There is just NO comparison for studying the way that billions of stars interact in some of the largest gravitationally bound structures in the universe. This class will cover all of that as well as what active galaxies are all about, another one of my favorite subjects. Then it will round up with a brief introduction to cosmology which is truly the study of EVERYTHING.

Enrollment is open now and the class starts next week, right after Thanksgiving in the US. It will use the Google+ Hangout format for full interactive goodness, so grab a seat now if you are interested in a bit of personal intellectual enrichment all about the Universe.

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