Jan 10th: Awesome Astronomy January 2018

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Podcaster: Ralph, Paul & Jen

Title : Awesome Astronomy’s January Episode

Organization: Awesome Astronomy

Link : www.awesomeastronomy.com

Description:  We’re cheering Jeni’s graduation with a first class masters in astrophysics and looking at the PhD options she has as she chases the dream of becoming Dr Millard! Paul & Ralph make preparations for September’s dark sky AstroCamp stargazing event and educate Jeni about computers from the 1980s.

The News: Rounding up the space and astronomy news this month we have:

  • Voyager 1 shows it still has the skills and prolongs its own life
  • An update on the extrasolar asteroid that just buzzed our solar system
  • Physicists observe a reversal of the arrow of time in laboratory experiments
  • The European Southern Observatory image convective cells on another star
  • NASA reveals its next two major planetary exploration missions

Astronomy Concept: This month we return to astronomy concepts as we delve back into the quantum world for a primer on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and why you cannot know both the position and velocity of a particle.

Q&A: Listeners’ questions via email, Facebook & Twitter take us on a journey into the astronomy issues that have always plagued our understanding or stretched our credulity. This month we take a look at the upcoming astronomical highlights:

What is the one thing in the world of astronomy that each of you is looking forward to in 2018? Steve Brown from Yorkshire via Twitter (@sjb_astro)

Bio: A podcast beamed direct from an underground bunker on Mars to promote science, space and astronomy (and enslave Earth if all goes well).

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End of podcast:

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