Podcaster: Host: Pamela Gay  ; Guest: Dr. Dave Blewett

CLSETitle: CLSE: Ep CLSE 14: Meteorites in Antartica

Organization: CosmoQuest ; Center for Lunar Science and Exploration (CLSE)

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Description: Since VORTICES, always VORTICES. We’ll chat with Dr. Dave Blewett from Johns Hopkins University, formerly of the VORTICES team, about his research, including his trip with ANSMET to find meteorites in Antarctica.

Bio: Dr. Pamela Gay is a Director of Cosmoquest.

Dr. Dave Blewett from Johns Hopkins University. He joined The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory as a member of the Senior Professional Staff in September 2007. Before that, he was a Principal Scientist at NovaSol (Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc.), a small employee-owned high-tech company in Honolulu, Hawaii of which he was a cofounder. His planetary research emphasizes remote sensing, geological analysis, and spectral algorithm development using data from planetary spacecraft including Mariner 10, Clementine, Galileo, Lunar Prospector, MESSENGER, and Dawn. He has been a Principal Investigator (PI) in NASA planetary research programs since 2002 and was named a MESSENGER Participating Scientist in 2007 and a Dawn at Vesta Participating Scientist in 2010. David has focused on geological and compositional analysis of ultraviolet-near infrared spectra and multispectral images, including study of space weathering trends on the Moon, Mercury, and Vesta. He served for three years as Co-chair of the MESSENGER Geology Discipline Group and a member of the PI’s Science Steering Committee. He was an ANSMET (Antarctic Search for Meteorites) field party member during the 1988–1989 austral summer.

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