Jul 16th: Lawaendröna, The Moon Man

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Podcaster: Avivah Yamani

Title: Folklore Series:  Lawaendröna, The Moon Man

Organization: langitselatan

Link : http://langitselatan.com

Description:  This is a tale from Nias, Sumatera about residents of the Moon and how they relate to the local people’s view of death.

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Bio: Avivah Yamani is a an astronomy communicator from Indonesia.

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Hi this is Avivah from langitselatan, an astronomy media in Indonesia. Today we bring you a folklore related to the sky or astronomical event. Today’s story comes from Indonesia and is compiled by Dewi Pramesti Kusumaningrum from langitselatan.

This story comes from Nias Island. Nīas is an island located on the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.  It is about residents of the Moon and how they relate to the local people’s view of death. And why the earth never reversed. 

Thank you for listening, this is 365 days of Astronomy

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