Jun 13th: Pros and Cons of Telescope Design with Chris Stewart


Podcaster: Allen Versfeld

Title: Urban Astronomer #6: Chris Stewart Interview Part 2

Link: http://www.urban-astronomer.com

Description: Welcome to the 6th episode of the Urban Astronomer Podcast. This is the second part of our interview with Chris Stewart, one of the names behind the Amateur Telescope Making class in Johannesburg, one of the organisers of the annual ScopeX telescope and astronomy expo, and director of the Astronomical Society of South Africa’s Instrumentation section.

In this part, he talks about the pros and cons of different telescope designs, how to make them, how to select an eyepiece, and also offers solid advice for those who’d rather just buy a telescope.

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Bio: Allen is an amateur astronomer, an IT professional, a podcaster, a father of five beautiful kids and a barely competent chess player. He is also the director of the Astrophotography Section of the Astronomical Society of South Africa, where he coordinates and promotes the activities of people who are far better photographers than him.

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End of podcast:

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