SpaceX Cargo Dragon Returns Science for NASA

Jan 26, 2022 | Daily Space, NASA, Spacecraft, SpaceX

IMAGE: Dragon capsule at ISS. CREDIT: Matthias Maurer/ESA

SpaceX’s uncrewed CRS-24 Cargo Dragon successfully returned to Earth yesterday, January 24, at 21:06 UTC. The spacecraft had undocked from the International Space Station the previous morning. It returned to the Gulf Coast, landing off the coast of Panama City, Florida.

CRS-24 brought back with it some old hardware for refurbishment on Earth, including parts of the station’s life support system and a microscope that had been on the station since 2009. The Dragon also brought back science results for analysis, from the InSPACE-4 and Cytoskeleton experiments.

More Information

NASA press release

SpaceX CRS-24 Mission Overview (NASA)


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