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Citizen Science for Educators

Many educators are looking for ways to bring “authentic science” into their classroom over a range of disciplines. We’re happy to provide a way for students to do planetary science on the Moon, Vesta, and Mercury, but even we know that the sky is not the limit. There are lots of citizen science opportunities right here on Earth that you can get your students engaged with and still meet your standards! SciStarter is one of my favorite resources for finding [...]

Humans in #SpaceArt

What could be more inspiring for a STEAM* project than HUMANS. IN. SPAAAAACE?! Okay, I exaggerate a bit. But it’s something that excited me as a child and still does as an adult. Had I any artistic inclinations as a youth, I certainly would have put in an entry to the Humans in Space Art Challenge co-sponsored by NASA, the Lunar and Planetary Institute, and Universities Space Research Association. In addition to ongoing, international art contests for 10-18 year olds, they [...]

Go-Lab Video Contest

Go-Lab, or “Global Online Science Labs,” is a project aimed at getting great, inquiry-based science lessons and activities to teachers. The online labs and teacher support network helps educators to bring the experience of science to their learners in all kinds of educational settings. A collaboration of several organizations in the European Union, this resource is also especially helpful to teachers in the United States looking for incorporate more inquiry-based learning in light of the Next Generation Science Standards, or [...]

Astronomy Outreach Around the World

The International Astronomical Union’s Office of Astronomy Development promotes the use of astronomy as an educational and outreach tool to communities around the world. We’ve talked to many people who use astronomy to inspire around the world on Learning Space, from Telescopes to Tanzania to PocketQubes in space and Global Astronomy Month to The World at Night. The OAD supports innovative education and outreach at the university level, to school children, and to the general public. The annual call for [...]

Worksheet for Cupcake Geology

Remember when we did a Learning Space episode on “cupcake geology”? We used layers cakes in foil-wrapped cupcakes to explore how core samples tell us about the layers of Earth (or any other planetary surface) with a bit of digging. See the video of the episode and Jess Krim’s post on the activity. Yesterday I went to use the copier at our STEM Resource Center and saw a handout that looked suspiciously like it had to do with cupcake geology. [...]

Teachers are my favorite learners

This week, we’re holding the weeklong InVestaGate workshop in Southern Illinois. Twenty teachers are going through the 13-day unit with us, learning about an exploring the formation of the Solar System, asteroids, comets, meteorites, and the end of the world (well, maybe). And I have to say, teachers are my favorite learners. Most of our workshop activities are inquiry-based, meaning that students (or the teachers, in this case) learn the science along the way. However, since we’re fitting two weeks [...]