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Worksheet for Cupcake Geology

Remember when we did a Learning Space episode on “cupcake geology”? We used layers cakes in foil-wrapped cupcakes to explore how core samples tell us about the layers of Earth (or any other planetary surface) with a bit of digging. See the video of the episode and Jess Krim’s post on the activity. Yesterday I went to use the copier at our STEM Resource Center and saw a handout that looked suspiciously like it had to do with cupcake geology. [...]

Teachers are my favorite learners

This week, we’re holding the weeklong InVestaGate workshop in Southern Illinois. Twenty teachers are going through the 13-day unit with us, learning about an exploring the formation of the Solar System, asteroids, comets, meteorites, and the end of the world (well, maybe). And I have to say, teachers are my favorite learners. Most of our workshop activities are inquiry-based, meaning that students (or the teachers, in this case) learn the science along the way. However, since we’re fitting two weeks [...]

Student Space Opportunities

There are several great space opportunities for students available now! Check these out, courtesy of NASA Planetary Science Education and Outreach: Get your experiments on the International Space Station – You might not be able to go to space yourself, but you can still do science in low Earth orbit. Students in grades 5 through 14 can become part of a nine-week experiment design competition this fall. Interested schools and school district have until June 15th to inquire for more [...]

Story Time From Space

I loved story time. My mom read books to me from the time I was very small, and I began reading along with her at quite an early age. One time, I was “punished” being sent to my room to contemplate what I’d done. My mom came in and found me reading books. She sighed and shook her head. Clearly, I didn’t understand the point of “punishment.” For some kids, being sent to their room to read would be a [...]

KickStart the Universe!

Can you fit the entire Universe into a box? Well, maybe not, but you can teach about the Universe from just a box, the “Universe in a Box” from UNAWE (short for Universe Awareness).   UNAWE is a collaboration to introduce young children to the wonders of astronomy, especially, children who come from underprivileged backgrounds. I particularly enjoy their Space Scoop: short articles written about current astronomical discoveries using language that kids can easily understand. In fact, Space Scoop is [...]

Crafting Space

The Hangoutathon got our creativity flowing, especially with Tiny Intern around to make us super pretty space stuff, like duct tape wallets out of, well, starry duct tape. I greatly admire the crafty people around me. Though I can knit a bit, I’m not quite the make-from-scratch type. However, I do follow directions rather well. So, we have been putting together a Pinterest board of some spacey, astronomical, generally science-y fun things for the home or office that can be [...]