Colors from nothing & your data for free

Ok, that title may be a little of the top, but it’s totally (or at least mostly) true. A couple weeks ago I gave a workshop on creating color images to the good folks attending AstroFest. Is was all hands-on, seat of your pants, color image creation, and people asked me to write up a […]

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Sky Events during the 2016 School Year

Here are all the big dates you might need to put together your fall syllabus or plan your camping trip to a dark sky site. We will be putting together kids’ activities for a lot of these events over on our sister site: Galileo Students. Key Dates Equinox: September 23, 2015 March 20, 2016 Southern […]

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Learning Space 99: Summer Science, Pluto Play!

Welcome to our 99th episode of Learning Space. This episode can best be summarized as: Pluto. Pluto Pluto Pluto. And bees. But Pluto Pluto Pluto Pluto. With special guest Alice Enevoldsen from Alice’s Astro Info. Last week we listened to every hot little Tweet about New Horizons science and imagery and looked for possible ways […]

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Learning Space 98: Summer Science

It’s summer, and that means bored-child season. We have a cure though: Science. There are a ton of activities that you can do with your child, or with all the kids in the neighborhood. We don’t have time in our one hour to go over all the best, or even all our favorites, but hopefully […]

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