Planets Grow Up So Fast has been captured in a new photo of the birth of Solar System. more at #365DaysOfAstro http://t.co/b9UIVxWpTP posted about 23 minutes ago

What classes would you like to see at CosmoAcademy?

The year 2015 is fast approaching, and we’re gearing up for the next season of CosmoAcademy online classes. But we need your help: we want to know what you’d like from us! Whether you’ve taken a class from us before, would like to take a class but for whatever reason couldn’t make it work, or […]

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Black holes: a trip to the end of time

What is a black hole? They challenge a lot of our views of the Universe, not least since they don’t resemble anything we can make on Earth. Yet we know now that black holes are pretty common, that they shape the galaxies they inhabit, and are a natural outcome of our theory of gravity. In […]

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The Universe in full color…and beyond!

Our latest CosmoAcademy class is nearly here! In just about two weeks, photographer and astronomer Peter Dove will share how you can turn astronomical images into the kind of stunning pictures we all love. The class will go beyond the visible light our eyes can see, showing how images like that on the right can […]

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Welcome to the new CosmoAcademy!

The Universe is a vast, beautiful, and glorious place. CosmoAcademy is your chance to learn a little more about it, in small intimate classes with experts on various topics in astronomy.

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