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What would you like to learn today? CosmoAcademy is a chance to expand your knowledge of hot topics in astronomy, learn new skills, become a better teacher, or get information you can share with your own students.

  • CosmoAcademy Classes for the general public cover everything from subjects covered in Astronomy 101 (overview of the Solar System and beyond) to current research on what’s going on inside black holes. Read more here!
  • Seminars for Professionals are designed to help working scientists, researchers, engineers, and others learn how to teach, or hone their skills if they’re already in the classroom
  • Classes for Teachers are a professional development opportunity for primary and secondary classroom teachers, along with anyone else who teaches children in those settings

CosmoAcademy Classes

Seminars for Professionals

Classes for Teachers

More classes coming soon!

Check back frequently for new additions to the catalog! Interested in teaching? email: to learn more