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About CosmoQuest Citizen Science Projects

Today, scientific discoveries ranging from finding new planets orbiting alien stars to finding light echoes from quasars are all being made by everyday people working as citizen scientists. This isn’t a new phenomenon – the planet Uranus was found by composer turned astronomer¬†William Herschel¬†– and throughout history, people like you have transformed science just by asking “What is that?”

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Mapping Worlds


Help us map the surfaces of rocky worlds scattered throughout our Solar System. Through your efforts, we will extend our understanding of our Solar System’s history, geophysics, & more.

With Moon Mappers, you’ll help scientists discover safe places to land future missions and the scientifically interesting places to explore.

Diminutive Vesta is too small to gravitationally pull itself into a sphere. On this tiny world, you’ll see craters shaped like nothing else on CosmoQuest, and help scientists map craters and ridges.

Future projects

We are constantly working with science teams from around the world to produce new science projects that allow you to help answer research questions that can only be answered through Citizen Science. Do you have a question you’d like explored within CosmoQuest? email getinvolved(at)cosmoquest(dot)org

Investigating the Solar System


While HST’s mission will eventually end, the data it’s gathered will continue to reveal unique insights. You can annotate images, and help remove image artifacts, making the data even more useful for future researchers.

Archived Projects

Ice Investigators


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