Does anyone else remember this bit from 1996? NASA announced that a meteorite found in Antarctica was actually from the surface of Mars. About 4 billion years ago, a meteor impact on Mars kicked up ejecta with enough force to achieve escape velocity, and after drifting in space for about 16 million years, it landed here on Earth. As if that wasn't crazy enough, then NASA says that the Martian meteorite might contain evidence of fossilized bacteria...from Mars. They backed down on that claim in the face of competing hypotheses, and they didn't quite have enough evidence at the time to make a compelling case. Now after 13 years of further study with better equipment, here's the kicker.

They may have been right all along.

This seems like it's from a reputable source. I've seen this article cited by a few other websites, but no official (i.e. NASA) confirmation just yet. I'll be interested to see if this pans out. So far, every internet rumors about major announcements tend to be anticlimactic, and it would be really cool for something of this magnitude to be announced.

I'm trying not to hold my breath too much. Your thoughts?