Earlier today, UC regents voted to increase student fees by 32%, which will push the cost of education to more than 3 times what it was 10 years ago. - Source

That's an increase of 300%. Meanwhile, inflation has only risen 32% in the same period of time. To top it off, administrators have been cutting both majors and programs.

Before the hike, UC President Mark Yudof said the hike may come if the state couldn't meet his request for an additional $913 million.

So, while students and their families are cutting spending to the bone just to stay in school, UC isn't cutting anything, but thinks this is an opportune time for increased spending?

I'm gathering the regents were fairly unanimous in their hatred of Econ 101, so much so they're thinking what little they learned was false, and they're trying to prove it.

Tell you what, Californians - move to Colorado!

Oh, wait - you have been for some time. Silly me.