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Thread: Binoculars, Advice please!

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    Binoculars, Advice please!

    Hello My Dears!

    I have an opportunity to get a pair of Carl Veitch 30x60 binoculars.

    I would appreciate any thoughts or advice or experience of having used something like this. And any comments about the optical quality/performance.

    Currently I use a pair of Meade's 10x50.

    Thank you kindly, for your time.

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    If you're using them for astro, then you will need something to stabilize them.


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    I also think that extended objects (planets, galaxies, nebulas, etc) will be rather dim. The exit pupil is only 2 mm while something in the neighbourhood of 5 mm (like on the 10x50mm) is recommeded.


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    Not sure about the quality, but 30x seems like too much on 60mm binoculars for astronomy. For magnifications higher than 20x it's more practical to use a telescope. These seem meant for long range terrestrial observation. Astronomy binoculars are supposed to do mainly wide field scanning and give bright sharp views.

    And of course, you'll need a tripod to use them for anything. If you want really powerful astronomical binoculars, and you have a tripod, I would think some 20x80s would be a better choice.

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    I agree with the others here, the 30X60 might not be that great for astronomy. It'll be nearly impossible to hold them steady at that magnification, so a tripod is a must. That's not a bad thing, just be aware of the added expense. How well do you like your 10X50's? That's a great size for astronomy. If you've got the upgrade bug, you could get a higher quality 10X50's or as Siguy mentions, move up to 20X80's--good exit pupil and lots of aperature.

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    I have three pairs (many years now) of 10x50's and one of them is Meade. This has good eye relief, when compared to the other two. I use two of them pretty much regularly.

    No [I]redshifterI]'s not the upgrade bug. Just that the 30/60's came my way. Otherwise, I' quite content with the ones I have. And I thought perhaps you folks here could enlighten me further. Which you've done. Thanks for that.

    I do realise about the need for a tripod, to stabilise the larger ones. Thanks Nick.

    Siguy, I note what you say about 30x...thanks.

    Thanks glapp..., and y'all. I hear.

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    Ever seen one of these things ?

    Kind of pricey, but I bet one could be fabricated from one of those parallelogram arms that are used for microphones or those workbench lamps!

    How handy are you with tools ?

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    You could also MacGyver yourself up a do-it-yourself home-made binocular image stabilizer.


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