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Thread: Saturn's Moons Gather

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    Thumbs up Saturn's Moons Gather

    Hi all,

    Last Thursday night at my observatory we had some decent seeing, it wasn't perfect, but better than we usually get here in the Midwest, it was coming and going every few minutes.

    I attached my DMK fire-wire camera and Optec Filter Wheel to Ron Whiteheads C-11, and took some Prime focus shots of Saturn with 5 Moons gathered close by.

    Saturn's rings are very thin right now, very little reflected light coming into the camera from them, so I had to turn the gain up a capture more signal, and to help get the 5 moons as well. I provided a Negative Luminance image as well to help you see the moons especially Hyperion at Magnitude 14.19

    Planetary Image assembly- Saturn LRGB 05-14-09
    Saturn DMK 21F04 Fire-wire Camera,
    Optec LRGB 50mm filters,
    Prime Focus C-11, Captured as 1-2 minute AVI files
    30 to 60 frames per sec
    1400 Frames per Channel stacked in Registax 5, deconvolution in Maxim DL,
    and final balance in Adobe.

    I tried it with a 2x barlow also, but the moons gets lost, and gain had to be boosted to the point that noise ruins the image.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Hi John - that is a stunning image with amazing detail. The negative luminance image really brings out the moons! Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

    Clear skies!

    Paul Keen

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    Is it true you can see more moons when the rings are edge on as the rings glare is reduced?

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    Is it true you can see more moons when the rings are edge on as the rings glare is reduced?

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    Excellent image, John! A nice close grouping!

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    Hi John.
    Very nice image and thanks for tip about using a tele. Myself, and my friends Dan and Al are going down to the Hope observatory star party in June to see Alan Bean.

    He is going to give a work shop. These guys are not going to be around forever so I will be there. Clear skies to you. Paul

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    Amazing clarity and a great capture. Thanks!

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    Hi Space boy,

    yes this is true but only when the moons are close to the rings, I have shots of 7 moon from back in 2001, when the rings had a large tilt angle.

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    Thanks, Mike, winesky, Paul, and autoclub.

    Hopefully I get more good seeing nights.

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    Nice shot John.

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    Great job capturing this grouping of the brightest moons, Nice presentation a super job welldone my friend and Clear Skies.

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