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Thread: I'm a Little Weird [Stories]

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    I'm a Little Weird [Stories]

    I'm weird, not wired... or maybe kind of both. I love stargazing and have seen dozens of shooting stars in my life. Sometimes I can feel one and look up at just the right moment. I guess some may call me weird, but I have a lot of synchronicity in my step.

    I am interested in hearing strange and/or amazing stories. Please share with me your strangest.

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    hi Strutzin, who's to say that's wierd? I'm glad you're 'tuned in' to whatever it is makes you so lucky. At least you're not claiming divinity . Maybe you apprehend the Universe a little quicker than most (and there's plenty of room for improvement given the lag between an event and our consciousness of it).
    I'll respond to your request with the following, related, annecdote.
    Sometime around 1986 I was enjoying a... smoke in the garden's late evening balm, when I saw a satellite transiting the emerging starfield - and it was a beauty, fast and bright. I dashed indoors to drag the girlfriend out to share the display but in the 20-30 seconds that took the satellite had rotated, or gone into Earthshadow, and was no longer visible as I pointed upwards in vain. I had had no time to explain to the lady just why I had dragged her from her coursework and I had intended a surprise in any case.
    At that moment to my rescue came a brilliant meteor, originating at the very tip of my pointing finger and streaking low across the sky parallel to the rooftops! Darling Karen cooed and grabbed my arm: 'How did you do that?', she said!
    There was no appropriate need of explanation beyond a big, long kiss
    Now isn't life grand?

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    I think we all have moments like that. Sometimes I have an uncanny ability to stay balanced, sometimes I trip over my own two feet.

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    All my life I've had the uncanny ability to miss opportunities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike alexander View Post
    All my life I've had the uncanny ability to miss opportunities.
    You're looking at it wrong: all your life you've had the uncanny ability to identify opportunities that have since passed.

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    My intuition is surprisingly good and I tend to follow it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by strutzin View Post
    I have a lot of synchronicity in my step. [...] Please share with me your strangest.
    Oh noes, not another Police state thread!
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    Quote Originally Posted by strutzin View Post
    I am interested in hearing strange and/or amazing stories. Please share with me your strangest.
    Well, the board's full of 'em! Have a look around - take your time.

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    OK, here's one of my experiences, with the strange.

    Sometime in late '01, I was in Euless, pretty close to DFW airport, just to my east. It was stormy weather with low hanging clouds obscuring the sky.
    Over the airport, in a dark cloud, I saw a light extend across the sky, widening at the south end of the light beam. Then, the beam narrowed and disappeared.
    This was a very bright, dead straight beam of light.

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