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Thread: Jupiter from this morning, 19th March 2009

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    Jupiter from this morning, 19th March 2009

    Hi all

    I had a fairly busy morning this morning - knowing that the skies were going to be clear (well, hoping), the waning crescent Moon was well positioned, a bright ISS and STS-119 Discovery pass was going overhead, and then of course Jupiter which is climbing to a manageable 35į altitude before dawn.

    I managed to capture all three objects, and hereís the first one that has been processed. Itís Jupiter in seeing that was very similar to what I captured on wednesday morning.

    The resolution isnít great due to the seeing, but Oval BA is visible just past the CM. I missed the best of the seeing as it deteriorated further as dawn approached. I was busy capturing the Moon and the ISS when the seeing was good, and Jupiter was still too low.

    Jupiter and Oval BA - 19th March 2009

    Thanks for looking.
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    Great shot Mike, very majestic.

    I'm looking forward to the ISS and Shuttle shots!!!

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    Very nice Mike, Nice details considering conditions. Clear Skies

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