Hi all

Finally managed to get out and do some imaging last night, not completely problem free though, after about an hour during a long session from 7pm to 7am I had some condensation on the camera optical window so I had to take it off and give it a blast with my girlfriends hair drier for five minutes, then had to refocus so half an hour or so wasted. Clear sky all night although imaging low in the sky was out of the question due to misty sky, the moon was high up as well which meant lots of sky glow and the ability to do my Telegraph crossword without artificial lights. Any way enough of the excuses.

I had originally planned to do this in colour but after starting the OIII something didn't look right in the image and I eventually tracked it down to condensation on the camera window, once I had sorted this out and refocused the subject was heading towards the mist so only Ha for this one I'm afraid. It is 8x10 minutes unguided with the Takahashi BRC-250 and Starlight Xpress H36. The image is cropped as there is now some vignetting in the corners since putting the PDF focuser in the image train (that is a small sacrifice to pay). Simple auto dark subtraction was used in Maxim DL, no flats or bias frames were used

Thanks for looking

Best wishes