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Thread: Property rights in space

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    Property rights in space

    International Lunar Conference will discuss the issue

    Our Lunar Embassy and Space Jerky friends are mentioned in the article.
    Everything I need to know I learned through Googling.

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    The article wasn't very objective. And good on it for that. It is right that these punks shouldn't start playing with legal crap to endulge themselves. The idea at the end of useage rights was interesting.

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    Maybe if they get the land owning worked out we could see a Lunar Disney with a real space mountain in 30 or 40 years. (note this would be about as good an idea as EuroDisney)

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    I believe that the colonisation of space really does depend on the possibility of private ownership (or regulated use) of space objects;
    in order to establish a self-sustaining space-based economy it will be necessary to mine the Moon, the moons and the asteroids.

    It really would not do for a mining company to land on an asteroid and commence mining operations only to have a larger company with more advanced, faster or powerful equipment come along and make it impossible for the smaller company to continue operations. Claim-jumping of this kind would reduce asteroid mining and moon mining to a dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest struggle with no rules.

    Nevertheless this might make for an interesting background for a story.. hmmm.

    If a treaty could be thrashed out now it could make the establishment of peaceful use of the massive (but thinly spread) resources in our solar system a possibility.

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    Guess what's being advertised at the bottom. These ads are great fun.

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    How do they do that?

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    Property rights in space
    Alas, some stupid UN treaty, to which we (the US) is a signing party, agrees space and other-worldy... um... worlds are "not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means."

    Yet another wonderful pice of UN crap. (Sorry for the political injection, I just can't stand stupidity, especially on the international level...)

    So, in the end, it appears there are NO property rights in space, by international convention. Pity, too, seeing as how we could likely claim the entire moon, as it's really one big piece of land with no oceans to isolate our landing spots. However, leaving a piece of land for 30 years may have eroded our imperial claims a bit.

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