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Thread: They Might Be Giants vs Weird Al

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    They Might Be Giants vs Weird Al

    I know that Weird Al has been getting a lot of attention on this board lately. But don't forget what They Might Be Giants have contributed to that particular brand of music--you know, the kind that seems to be especially loved and appreciated by nerds and geeks across the universe?

    Personaly, I prefer TMBG because their sense of humor is extremely clever and subtle, whereas Weird Al's is much more obvious and contrived. I also love the irony of writing sad songs shrouded by metaphores and upbeat music (read some TMBG lyrics without the music sometime. It's kind of disturbing in a weird, humorous way.)

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    Make a little birdhouse in your soul, people!

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    If I amy interupt this family gathering, I like TMBG for the originality of their music, but I like Weird Al for the hilarity of his parodies. It's really hard to compare.

    TMBG is like a Coen brothers movie -- quirky, funny,(think Fargo) while Weird Al is like Airplane!

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    I agree with FP. It's difficult to compare the two, but over all I prefer TMBG. Wierd Al is good to listen to occasionaly, but TMBG is something that I personaly can listen to all the time. I don't, but I could.

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    Now I really give up. I had no idea who Weird Al was and now I have to contend with wondering what the heck They Might Be Giants is. I need to take a nap.

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    They Might Be Giants is a rock band responsible for writing numerous songs about nightlights, dead presidents, and disembodied heads. You may be familiar with a few of their more mainstream songs... Istanbul (Not Constantinople), Birdhouse in Your Soul, Particle Man, and Doctor Worm. I highly recommend the albums Flood and John Henry.

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