If you look at my recent comments box on my Youtube profile, there are two comments which have been made with my username 5 months ago, saying stuff like 'ME VERY NICE LADY, GO HERE TO SEE MY WEBCAM SHOWS'.

It's pretty embarrassing and I'm hoping it doesn't happen again. This is why I've never had the recent comments box showing on my profile because those would always be the first two comments in the box and none of the other comments I've made after those would show up in there.

Thankfully though I've just realised that by leaving the recent comments box showing on my profile, that my latest comments that I've just made are showing up on there. Hopefully those spam comments will be knocked off because I'd like to leave the recent comments box up.

Also, in these last few weeks a couple of videos that I haven't even seen before have been added to my favorites, and have also been rated as well.

Surely if someone was just hacking into my account to mess things up they would've done a LOT more than this?

Has anyone ever had this happen to them on Youtube before or heard of this happening on Youtube?