I thought some people here would find this amusing; some of the fine folks at 'conservapedia', an insane version of Wikipedia whose general outlook on life should be evident from it's name, demands that Lenski proves his evolution experiment with E. Coli is not a fraud. Luckily, the prof. was right on top of it with a smack-down of a reply.


For anyone not fimiliar with the experiment in question, it's quite fascinating. I believe the BA mentioned it in his blog recently:


One of the most important experiments in evolution is going on right now in a laboratory in Michigan State University. A dozen flasks full of E. coli are sloshing around on a gently rocking table. The bacteria in those flasks has been evolving since 1988--for over 44,000 generations. And because they've been so carefully observed all that time, they've revealed some important lessons about how evolution works.